Painting in Interior Design
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Painting in Interior Design

Painting is one of the most, if not the most important, aesthetical finishing work. Painting involves a series of operations such as wall smoothing, painting and wall coloring and wallpaper hanging. Most commonly, it relates to decoration of walls and ceilings, where by use of color combinations, the desired effect can be achieved without additional investments.





We can divide it into two basic groups of Works:


  • Surface preparation for painting, which includes wall smoothing, the most common and the most comprehensive action, followed by the base coating, filling of some smaller holes, etc.
  • A surface painting represents the final action and it may be performed by use of a wide range of paints in terms of selection of the paint and quality of the paint. The quality determines the type of paint to be used (semi-dispersive, dispersive, acrylic) and the manufacturer. The main difference in quality is in color shades that we get - with semi-dispersive paint we cannot get bright (strong) tones, while by use of acrylic paint, all color tones may be obtained. Also, the paints differ from the aspect of wearing resistance, acrylic paint is more durable and washable (it can be cleaned by a wet cloth without any damage).




More information about wall painting may be found on our website, under sections:


  • Smoothing of walls
  • Wall painting by semi-dispersive paints
  • Wall painting by acrylic paints
  • Wallpaper hanging.

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