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Interior Design

Renovation and interior design of residential and business premises, as well as interior furnishing represent a continually developing area of the construction industry. Modern trends dictate the style and appearance of the final product, i.e. of the complete interior and we, at the Jug company follow the latest trends and do our best to meet the clients' wishes, at the same time fully complying with the quality requirements.



If you need to have some of basic actions related to design or adaptation performed, or you need a complete turnkey renovation and interior design, you have our warrantees that the work will be done in a quality, systematic and professional manner.


Actions and procedures needed for a complete space renovation may be classified into three broad segments:


  1. Interior Design;
  2. Execution of all necessary civil engineering and finishing work for adaptation;
  3. Design, furniture manufacturing and furnishing.


In some cases, it may not be necessary to carry out each of the mentioned actions during the space renovation, we are ready to tailor our services according to your needs and budget.


Interior design is introduced to shorten the realization process, to speed up and better organize the execution of work on renovation and decoration. Everyone wants to have a perfect living space, and in order to make it such, it is necessary to have it precisely designed and have all the thoughts and ideas tested through a model. The design is executed in consultations with the client in order to get the most optimal solution.


More information on the available designs and methods for their execution may be found on our website, under the section Interior Design.


Execution of construction and finishing work in renovation


Upon preparation of conceptual and detailed designs, necessary works start in order to transfer the design from the paper and model into a real space. Experienced experts may execute minor works and renovations even without the design in consultation with the client.


The execution of the construction and finishing works should be approached carefully and thoroughly and all actions need to be carried out systematically and completely. Previous experience has shown that it is always best that one company carries out all the work and thus you can save significantly the time and money, by respecting the agreed deadlines at the same time.


Experienced professionals from the company Jug guarantee the quality of work starting from demolition to completion of the project on a turnkey basis.


More information on the finishing work may be found on our website, under the section Finishing Work on Interior Design.


Interior furnishings

After the renovation and execution of the work, it is necessary to equip the residential or business space with furniture. It is very important that every piece of furniture is in place, well-integrated and with a function, regardless of whether the space has been equipped with of the shelf furniture or the furniture by measure. Besides the aesthetics, we must not forget that the final goal is to have pleasant and comfortable interior and we should strive for it. For creative decorating of your space, we offer you the services of our experienced team.


More detailed information on equipping your interior with furniture may be found our website, under the section Interior Furnishing.

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