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Demolition of Walls and Removal of Debris

Demolition of walls and removal of debris most often represent the first steps of renovation and adaptation of any living or business premises.




Which walls may be demolished?


While planning the adaptation of living or business premises, we often think about the demolition of certain walls. Then the issue about the walls that can be demolished always raises. The response is simple, all walls (except outer), which do not impair the structural integrity of the building may be demolished.


Due to the specific nature of this job, the most important thing is to maximize the professional approach to the work and ensure appropriate safety measures. These measures relate to safety at work and protection of other buildings or parts of buildings that should not be demolished. It is also important to use the appropriate equipment or tools, and that the workers are appropriately trained for this kind of work. After the demolition of walls, there is a large quantity of debris that needs to be removed in order to continue the work.




What to do with the debris?


Demolition of walls and removal of debris are two operations that are closely related. After the demolition, debris is removed with the help of specialized containers or it is packed in jute sacks and transported by a truck to a dump.


Although these activities are not considered to be work done with pleasure, demolition of walls and removal of debris are two necessary segments in renovation and adaptation of living and office spaces. Due to this reason, it is necessary to have these activities carefully planned and agreed with the contractor responsible for them.



All our offers for adaptation and interior design mandatorily include these two elements.

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