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Demolition of Walls – price

During a renovation of an apartment or a house, sometimes it may be necessary to demolish walls to get some new functionality in your home. Demolition of walls should be done professionally, to avoid damage, and such demolition requires trained team of workers and appropriate equipment.


Establishing price for demolition of walls


The costs for demolition of walls are dependent on several factors. Two key ones are materials used for construction of walls and thickness of walls. Also, the costs are conditioned by a position of the walls to be demolished. The prices for demolition of walls inside the furnished apartments are higher than for demolition of walls at site, since the work is more delicate. The price may vary depending also on the location of the apartment as well as on the fact whether the apartment is on ground floor or on higher floors of the building with or without the elevator.


Free assessment of costs for demolition of walls


Should you need a demolition of walls at your home, contact us and we will make a free assessment of costs for demolition of walls and removal of debris.


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